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A book to be read, savored, and sculpted for everyday living.


Former Indian Test Cricketer & Arjuna Awardee

I am very happy that a book of this nature has been designed which talks about fitness in a refreshing manner.


Former Indian Badminton Champion & Padma Bhushan Awardee

Mayur’s book scores high in equipping YOU with the right mindset.


Indian Film & TV actor





is a comprehensive guide to master the
4-stages for a complete health transformation.


Some Simple Steps to take..

Step 1 : 

Grab a copy of the book...

Step 2 : 

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Get the SECRET CHAPTER in your inbox - a treasured chapter that was edited from the published copy.

The first version of Honey, It's Not About Six-Pack Abs! had 26 chapters instead of 25. One of these chapters was axed completely as that made the book more concise, but it hurt me to do it. It was titled ‘BUYER BEWARE!’ and you can grab a copy of it. The chapter deals with important aspects relevant today, like:

  • What You See Is Not What there is in the world of fitness;

  • Differentiating between Science and Pseudo-science;

  • Longevity and what can we do to lead long and healthy lives

Bonus Guide: a THINGS-TO-KEEP-HANDY ready reckoner

This PDF file includes the following for your ready reference - 

  1. A section on Macro & Micronutrient Charts - a snapshot of Primary Functions, Primary benefits, Things to keep in mind, Unfair practices, Thumb rules, and Primary Sources

  2. A section on How to Cheat when you eat - Some things to keep in mind during off days

  3. A section on Body Signs to watch out for

  4. A section on Why you need to give a f#@k about your health


This I have specially created to complement your reading of the book highlighting the various to-do exercises formulated in a private e-diary fashion. 

Let Me Tell You a Little More About the Book...

Right from the time, Arnold Schwarzeneggar lifted his first set of weights to the present day when all you see on social media are guys & gals sporting a six-pack, the popularity for bodybuilding over time no doubt has skyrocketed.

What was nonexistent yesterday is perceived almost as a given today. Despite the fact that this, in a sense, has favourably pushed our society towards aspiring for a V-shaped physique, it has also resulted in the proliferation of a misperception that, fitness is bodybuilding. It’s high time that the perception undergoes a paradigm shift from this notion of ‘six-pack abs only’ to ‘leading a long and healthy lifestyle’. It’s high time that the conversation of ‘fitness’ gets a major reboot.

If you stand on the edge of confusion, deliberating on what to do when it comes to your health, this is just the right book for you to begin with.

What you need are tools, tenets and strategies that shall help you adopt the right mindset towards your health. That according to me is the most important prerequisite of leading a healthy lifestyle ‘coz Honey, It’s not about six-pack abs!


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What the celebs are saying...

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Kiran More

former Indian Test Cricketer &
Arjuna awardee

A book to be read, savoured and sculpted for everyday living.

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Shiv Panditt

Indian Film & TV Actor

Mayur's book scores high in equipping YOU with the right mindset.


Pullela Gopichand

former Indian Badminton Player
Padma Shri & Padma Bhushan awardee

I am very happy that a book of this nature has been designed which talks about fitness in a refreshing manner.

Why you need to give a shit about your health?

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Fact #1:

An estimated 450 million people suffer from diabetes all over the world and the number is expected to double in the next two decades!

Fact #2:

Physical Inactivity ranks 4th cause of deaths worldwide! Approx 3 million people die each year due to physical inactivity

Fact #3:

Rates of obesity are expected to rise by 50% in the next 10 yrs! 

Fact #4:

50% of all heart attacks occur under the age of 50!


63% of gym memberships go to waste.

82% of gym members go to the gym less than once a week.

31% eventually regret having paid for memberships.

60%-85% of people lead sedentary lifestyles. 

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