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CONFUSED ON how to begin your fitness journey?

CONFUSED ON how to optimize your weight?


COME ON the HEALTH PROJECT 1-on-1 program AND

let's work on it together,

shall we?

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The 1-on-1 weight management program

Hey there, thanks for stopping by and showing interest! Now, I know you are wondering "What the hell am I doing here?"  or "Is this even worth my time?" Trust me I kinda am wondering the same thing but hear me out. 

The entire world is filled with pretentious people with super-flowery pitches to sell you not-needed stuff.  That's not me, and that's not what my folks taught me. 
To add to your woes, neither am I a guy holding any kind of  'advice-degree' nor am I the guy who will flaunt his certificates to subtly prove that. I am only scared to shit about your health (trust me, I am) 'coz I see the world's health going to dogs, in front of my eyes.  And that's why I have set out on a mission to "make fitness a part of the daily minutiae of everyone's life" by way of THE HEALTH PROJECT. Okay, that was it for my pitch.

So here's how this stuff works:


You click on the link below - sign up with your email - follow the link in the email - submit your Current blueprint - I give you the PLAN - you follow.

Easy-Peasy, right?

What you will get out of this? 

1.  I will help you change your mindset

2.  Help you break your old crappy eating patterns

3.  And in the process, optimize your body weight. 

So if you are up to work for it then dive right in and sign-up below for 1-on-1 program.  

P.S. Once subscribed you shall get a boring confirmation mail from me , confirming that you are all set!
PPS. You shall also be signed up to my 'Get Your Ass Off' monthly newsletter, and eligible for some FREE e-books too!

Thanks for submitting! Check your email.

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